Kingdom Values 17

By Orimaye Paul Olakunle
September 20, 2020

[19]Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Calvary greetings to you beloved reader. Trust you have been good? Many thanks to you for joining us again on this kingdom series. And, if you happen to be joining us for the first time, you are most welcome. I sincerely trust that today’s series will bless your heart so much.

Today, we are examining another layer of Jesus’s teaching on the kingdom. For quite some weeks now, we have been on the mount, learning at the feet of the king, the culture of the kingdom and the expected character of its citizens.

From our text, we see Jesus opening our eyes to something very important as regards being least and being great in this kingdom.
You see, one of the reasons why this kingdom cognitive restructuring is essentially important is that it rewires our mind to think in line with God’s kingdom standards.

Little wonder Jesus began his preaching ministry by proclaiming that people repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. The word, “repent”, essentially means to change one’s mind. It consequently involves a change in behaviour and attitude. The root meaning of the word, however, is a change of mind. This was necessary because we are naturally wired to think in ways which are naturally in opposition to God’s kingdom.

So, for us to be effective citizens of that kingdom, we must need be rewired and restructured cognitively. Jesus is again messing up (permit me to use that word) with our natural thinking by introducing to us a concept of greatness and being least which obviously does not seem to agree with our natural thinking.

It’s very necessary for us to properly understand what it means to be great in God’s kingdom and what it means to be irrelevant, least and unprofitable. That we have been brought into the kingdom is good but it’s still not enough. We must take responsibility to ensure that we become great in the kingdom.

“whoever shall break one of these least commandments and shall teach men to do so. He shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven”

As we examined last week, a kingdom is built on laws and commandments which are an offshoot of the king’s character and nature. Every citizen of the kingdom is mandated to obey the laws and commandments of the king. It is needful for you to understand that you are in a kingdom where lawlessness is not permitted. We have not been brought into a kingdom where we are afforded the luxury of doing whatever we like. No sir! This is a kingdom that cannot be moved. It is well structured administratively and built on God-centered principles. A lot of preachers today (with every sense of respect to all preachers of the gospel) preach that we are free to do whatever we want to in the name of grace. No sir! As a matter of fact, it is for that same grace that we are implicated by being sentenced to live for God forever, denying all ungodliness and worldly lusts. We are not permitted to be loose and lawless in this kingdom. The kingdom cannot greatly prosper if we remain babes by not subscribing to live within the context of God’s laws. We must take responsibility to become mature and grown-ups, as it is by this that we will demonstrate that we are indeed true Sons and Daughters of the kingdom.

All the commandments of God no matter how small or inconsequential it is, are to be obeyed to the letter. Of course, we cannot do this by our natural strength, and that’s why grace has been made available for us.

Breaking God’s commandment is what makes one least in the kingdom. God cannot be mocked, and he is not interested in vain and hypocritical religion. He wants us to be righteous and Godly centred not religious and sacramental!

“Whoever shall do them and teach men to do so, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven”

It is interesting to know that, according to Jesus, our greatness in this kingdom is not tied to our material possession (of course, they are very good, important and necessary). Rather, it tied to how much we are doing the commandments of God. Our commitment to obey every of God’s laws and commandments is the parameter/yardstick for measuring our greatness in this kingdom.

As citizens of the kingdom of God, our lives must greatly mirror and express the nature and the character of God but this is only possible as we live within the boundary of his laws.

Men who are great in the kingdom are men who are extremely loyal to God, keeping his commandments and faithfully doing his will.

Before I come to an end, let me quickly bring to our understanding that, according to Jesus, it is not enough that we do the commandments, we must as well teach men. That is, we must take responsibility to let others know as well. This can be done through our lives and of course verbally by talking to others about it.

May you become great in God’s kingdom..

Until we come your way again next week, thank you and God bless you

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