Kingdom Values 15

Jesus: Fulfilment Of The Law

By Orimaye Paul Olakunle
September 6, 2020

Calvary greetings to you beloved reader. Trust you have been good? Many thanks to you for joining us again on this kingdom series. And if you happen to be joining us for the first time, you are most welcome. I sincerely trust that today’s series will bless you so much.

It is necessary for us not to lose cognizance of the fact that this kingdom series is an attempt to restructure our mind to the end that our lives might qualitatively demonstrate the culture and character expected of us as citizens the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ, our king, in a bid to acquaint us cognitively to the culture of God’s kingdom, began a long teaching (which we know as the sermon on the mount), educating his disciples who had gone to meet him on the mount, as to the attitudinal disposition and behavioural characteristics that are expected to be exhibited by us, children of God.

We’ve been looking at Jesus teaching layer by layer, and today again, we continue by looking at another layer

“Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”

It is needful, first, for us to understand that the laws and the prophets as used by our Lord Jesus Christ actually refer to the books of the law (precisely the first 5 books of the Bible also referred to as the Pentateuch), and the books of the prophets. In other words, the whole of the Old Testament. Jesus said categorically, just in case those (and probably, you) who found it difficult to really understand Jesus’s ministry were thinking he came to disregard the Old Testament, that he had not come to destroy them but to fulfil them.

What Jesus was saying, in essence, is that he, in person, is the fulfilment of the laws and the prophets. Actually, the laws and the prophets essentially spoke about him. His showing up is the fulfilment of what they had been speaking spoke about. He, himself, was — and is — the embodiment of the laws and the prophets. The thing is, the laws and the prophets could not fulfil themselves. They needed to be fulfilled in a person, and that person happens to be Christ Jesus.

Jesus was trying to spiritually enlighten them to see what the laws and the prophets are actually speaking about. Jesus is the clearest expression of all that the laws and the prophets spoke about. And until you see the laws and the prophets through the lens of the Christ, you can never fully understand them.

You will remember that on the mount of transfiguration after that Jesus had been transfigured (his raiment changed into glowing white) before the very eyes of the three disciples — Peter, James and John) whom he had taken along with himself to go and pray, two men appeared to him and were discussing with him the things that would befall him in Jerusalem.

These two men, the Bible reveals, were Moses and Elijah. The appearance of these two men is very significant, especially, in relation to Jesus being the fulfilment of the laws and the prophets.

Moses can be said to represent the law while Elijah can be said to represent the prophets. So, both the law and the prophet came to submit their testament to Jesus Christ.

Jesus being the fulfilment of the laws and the prophets has a great significance and implication.

1. Every and anything that the laws and the prophets say must be understood through the lens of Jesus because Jesus, himself Is the king of the kingdom. Everything we read and understand from the laws and the prophets must direct their attention to the king.

2. We must submit our lives entirely to Jesus Christ. The failure to do this was the undoing of the religious leaders in Jesus’s day. They stuck to the traditions and customs delivered unto them but rejected Jesus. They didn’t understand that the person they rejected was actually the embodiment and consequently the fulfilment of the laws they dearly held unto.

They had forgotten that Moses who delivered the law unto them, during the latter years of his life told them to be expectant of another Prophet that would be raised like unto himself, and that he should they listen to. They failed to understand that Jesus was the one about whom Moses spoke. They failed to submit their lives unto him.

How submitted is your life to Jesus? Many are blindly following various traditions and customs said to be derived from the laws and the prophets but they reject the person of Christ himself. They are wrong! Christ is the centre and the circumference of laws and the prophets

3. Obey the laws and the prophets but in the light of Christ _not religiously_. We are not to jettison the injunctions of the laws and the prophets. Rather, we are to follow and obey them because Christ didn’t come to destroy them but to fulfil them. We must, however, be careful so as not to blindly follow the law without paying attention to Jesus. Jesus will never go against the law but rather help us to fulfil it more appropriately. We are to follow the law but in the light of Christ so that we don’t become religious but not righteous.

In the next series, we are going to look at how relevant Jesus revealing himself as the fulfilment of the laws and the prophets is to our kingdom orientation.

Thank you and God bless you

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